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New Hope began as a rescue dedicated to saving animals on death row or those in immediate danger due to medical or behavioural issues, As the years went by we found we had become a sanctuary to other animals such as chickens, turkeys and pigs. Our ever expanding sanctuary forced us to relocate from London to a 12 acre farm in Kent! After selling our property, sticking with our full time jobs and, most importantly, the amazing generosity of our supporters we were able to 

purchase the land needed to open our doors to the many farm animals needing sanctuary. We are now home to pigs, cows, horses, birds of all shapes and sizes, goats and sheep. We also have a soft release pen for orphaned foxes. 

Although we have moved and a lot of hard work goes into looking after the farm and our other permanent residents we continue to work tirelessly saving death row animals and working hard to find them places in other rescues.We occasionally rehome those that we consider rehomeable, but concentrate on being the middleman between immediate danger and rescue spaces. We care for animals in our own homes, foster homes or private boarding kennels, where we often have to keep many of the death row dogs.

New Hope is limited by space, fosterer’s availability & financial help. We rely on donations to help keep saving lives.

Our vet bills are massive, as we endeavour to help any animal that needs help, whatever the costs might amount to, and have seen vet bills during the course of a year running into thousands of pounds.

We work alongside many people including fellow rescuers who offer placements on desperate animals, donations of money, animal food, bedding, animal housing, fostering, adopting, transporting or cross posting etc.

Animals that are considered not to be suitable to be rehomed, or animals that have not been able to find a home, whether because of medical conditions or behavioural issues remain under the care of New Hope or are placed in other non-destruct organisations.

Animals with special requirements are not destroyed as these are the very animals New Hope strives to help. They live with Niall (New Hope's founder) & other members of New Hope permanently, many are found sanctuary homes for a lifetime of happiness & understanding of the particular animal’s needs.

New Hope concentrates on death row animals from pounds, vets & those who have been injured including wildlife. We rarely take animals in from the public unless the circumstances are extreme. Please bear this in mind if contacting New Hope. We will strive to help place healthy unwanted animals into other rescues if the situation is urgent.

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