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We have many pigs that have found themselves in need of sanctuary and for various reasons, all shapes and sizes, all with their own story to tell, and all saved from certain death. Rescued from the meat trade, unwanted pets and one piglet even found himself  being given away as a wedding present! 

A few of our residents were once someone's idea that a pig in their council house would be a good idea. It is beyond ridiculous to think such an animal would thrive in that kind of environment.  Pigs are sociable creatures that like to be with their own kind, they need a lot of room to roam, root and forage. As highly intelligent animals a pig would need a great deal of stimulation and exercise to keep them from being bored. A bored pig can become destructive, aggressive and depressed. Another problem an owner of a pet pig may face is finding veterinary care, most normal vets will not see pigs as they are considered farm animals.  We are not saying looking after pigs as companion animals is a no no, people need just to ensure they have the knowledge and facilities to ensure the pigs have everything to meet their welfare needs, physically and mentally. 

Many of our piggy family were destined for the slaughterhouse but were lucky enough to get a reprieve, like many other animals on the sanctuary. 

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