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Latest Appeals

We are rescuing animals daily, because of the nature of some of the rescues, vet bills can run into their thousands on one animal. 

Our sanctuary also houses 300 animals, all shapes and sizes, all with different housing needs. We are often in need of funds to maintain the sanctuary's fencing and structures to keep New Hope's residents safe and give them the best quality of life. 

We received a call from a vets  about this little lady, Norma.

She had been hit by a car and the people registered on her microchip had given her away and didn’t know who to. She needed immediate help and had a serious fractured leg and some infected wounds.

We transferred her to our vets and have taken her under the New Hope wing. As always our vets have reduced the costs massively but we are still looking at a vet bill in its thousands.

The situation over the last few days has become very serious and lots of work has been put in to making the right decisions for Norma and our vets have been incredibly supportive in our decision to give her everything we have got.

Norma has E-Coli and pseudomonas in the leg with the fracture (basically superbugs that are not sensitive to antibiotics). Therefore we could not save the leg and it had to be amputated. This also makes her nursing care very very difficult.

To complicate matters  dramatically the remaining back leg has a ruptured cruciate so will need strong repair to enable her as a three legged dog. It’s a lot for her to go through, it’s a lot of work for all involved (the vets, us and Norma herself), and it’s a bigger vet bill than expected, but she’s a young dog we’re just not willing to give up on. She is healing nicely and all is going In the right direction. Surgery on the second damaged leg is imminent. What a super star

An enormous thank you to everyone that has donated 

Like all rescues we are struggling so any donations towards her treatment would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone wants to pay the vets direct please message us or

Bank Details

New Hope Animal Rescue





To our amazing supporters that allow us to help desperate dogs like Norma, we are so grateful, thank you


The time has come for us to ask for extra help from our friends and supporters, something we don’t do lightly and try to avoid. Since Covid began we have knuckled down and carried on working as hard as we always do to help as many animals in need as possible. Donations have dropped, and we fully understand why with the hard times everyone is going through. We haven’t been able to do any of our fundraisers and we’ve been running at a loss for a while trying to keep it all ticking over. Many of you know Steph and myself work full time and some of you may or may not know that our personal wages pay for the rents on both the Sanctuary and the Kennel site. We pay for as much personally as we can but we can’t manage much on top. So here we are now at an all time low and the knock on effects of Covid have finally gotten the better of us. We know everyone is having it hard but if any of our supporters can give a bit extra to see us through or can share this we would be grateful. We are determined not to let this beat us. We run at about 300 farm animals and birds, cats, small domestics and some wildlife and we rescue averagely 30 dogs a month. On top of this our transport and vets bills are huge, especially as we always try to help the more complicated cases. Winter is an extremely hard and expensive time for us and with the current hay crisis and hay prices rocketing we are on a downward slope right now. Anyone else willing to do any fundraisers for us would be greatly appreciated and anyone who wants to set up standing orders or the like will help us keep keeping on. To those who can donate we are so grateful, as we are to those that already do. To those that share and can pass on the word of New Hope’s work, again we are very grateful.l.ppppp

New Hope Animal Rescue






It's that time of year again! The cold weather is fast approaching meaning the animals on the farm need more straw to keep their beds warm and cosy and more hay to keep their bellies full. Due to such a wet winter last year and a very dry summer there is a hay shortage meaning the prices have gone right up. If you would like to donate to help us keep our residents warm and full this winter the deaails are below. Thank you 

Our bank details are

New Hope Animal Rescue

Lloyds 30-93-60


Or PayPal

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